Evangelist Yehounmey Valentin

Regional Director-CPA-WESTERN AFRICA (Francophone)


Evangelist Yehoumey Valentin is a Sociologist anthropologist and specialized in couple and family counseling. He is specialist in Evangelism, Leadership and strategic planning building, a trainer in marriage reinforcement.

He worked at University Ministry as National Director for Campus Crusade for Christ from 1995 to 2000 being in charge of strategic planning as Head for Campus Crusade for Christ in Benin, co-founder with his wife Elisabeth of Fondation Ruisseau , trainer of various leadership seminars, teacher of Seminars on Christian Leadership in the West African Baptist Graduate School of Theology, expert on Analysis of children Victims of Violence situation in Benin, expert of the team members of sociologist group evaluating Millennium Development Objectives Goals in Benin, expert pleading on Women and Girls Violence in Malawi, in Benin.

He has worked also in different African countries as Togo, Mali, Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire. He studied at the Universite Nationale du Benin where he got his Certificate of Sociology and Anthropology; and holds a Master in Sociology and Anthropology on “Land Conflict Management” at Great Commission Training Center in Bamako, Mali. Evangelist Valentin can speak and write fluently French and English and he is perfecting his Spanish language. He is the author of many books in French and 2 sons and 1 daughter with his wife Elisabeth.

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