Pastor Jean Yves Tita Dinga

National Director, Cameroon

Pastor Tita Dinga Jean Yves was born in Douala, in Cameroon on the 14 June 1975.

Single until now, he is a Servant of God and Teacher. He is also an Ambassador of Peace, an expert in Conflict Resolutions (2009- ), President and Founder of the World Peace Embassy.

He is a Trainer in Conflict Management(2010-). He has been trained in different fields as Architecture and Building, Pastoral, Conflict analysis, Inter-religious Conflict Resolution, Conflict Negotiations and Conflict Management, and Special training to become Ambassador of Peace.

Pastor Wencelsas Ndayisenga

National Director, Burundi

Born in Burundi, Pastor Wenceslas Ndayisenga has studied at the Primary School E.P Coga in 1986-1995 and obtained his National Certificate and went to Local High School of MUNGWA where he obtained the Certificate of the Common trunk(1995-1999).

He finished his High education at the Teaching General Scientific B, High School of Musinzira (199H-2003). And finally he finished his tertiary education at the University of Bujumbura at the faculty of Computer Science and he obtained the Diploma in Computer Science with the mention Distinction.

Among different knowledge and domains of expertise, Pastor Wencelslas studied Projects Management and other fields in computer science, which he shared with many tertiary institutions in Burundi and in the Great Lakes Region. He attended many seminars, workshops and published many publications in his field of expertise in Kirundi and in English.

He also attended many trainings in Ministry as the School of Disciple organized by AVANAM, an American organization in 2012, as well the Congress World Network Breakthrough, in Bujumbura 2012, as well as the training of the Building Kingdom Community Network organized by Life Deferment Center in Nairobi, in Kenya.

Pasteur Wendpure.L.Jimoh

National Director, BURKINA-FASO

Rev Olivier Daniel Kizika

National Director, Botswana

Mrs. BIAO Kolouche Angele

National Director, Benin

Mrs. Angele Kolouche BIAO, born in Benin, she has studied her Primary School at EPP Bethanie, in Cotonou, in Benin. And obtained her Certificate at CEGI Natingou and her A-level Certificate in Literature at Complexe Scolaire Camara Laye, at Abomey-Calvi. From 2005 to 2007 she studied different foreign languages as English and German and obtained different Certificates in Proficiency in German at Goethe Institute, in Accra, in Ghana, and in English at Ghana Institute of Languages.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Translation (French-English-German, with First Class Honors at Ghana Institute of Languages. As qualified Interpret and translator, Mrs. Angele BIAO has traveled a lot(Togo, Ghana, Burkina-Faso, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, Kenya, Senegal) and attended many seminars, trainings, and workshops in Benin, in Africa and worldwide.

She has been a Public Relations Officer of the Interim Committee of Students’ Representative Council of Ghana Institute of Languages(2008), Member of the Consultative Council of “ Projets de Participation Politique des Jeunes Femmes en Afrique Francophone”(June 2011),National President of the YWCA(Young Women Christian’ Association)/UCF, Benin, since 2008. She is the country Director of the Youth Climate Report Benin and Member of the ARGA Benin since 2013.She the GE-FA Programme in Charge and Coordinator of the African Youth and Governance Conferencing in Benin.

Mr. Wilson Piassa Mbanino

Deputy National Director, Angola

Mr. Muhungo Antonio

National Director, Angola

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