Rev. Dr. Thomas –Rene A.Y.Kitutu Z`Ikossi, DRC

President  & Chief Executive 0fficer, Founder

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Born in Kalima, in the turmoil province of the then Kivu now Maniema, Rev Kitutu is the 3rd son of an African family of 9 children of 5 boys and 4 girls. Raised in the spiritual Roman Catholic Christian family, he knew all the hardship of wars and conflicts in the Republic Democratic of Congo(former Belgium –Congo),from 1960 to 1968,with: the brutal assassination of the first Congolese Prime Minister Patrice-Emery Lumumba, the secession in Katanga province with Moise Tshombe, rebellions, riots and mercenaries in the Eastern part of the country with Pierre Mulele, Gaston Soumialot, Christophe Gbenye, Laurent-Desire Kabila and Jean Schramme…

He personally witnessed the traumatic killings of his beloved ones, who some of them were buried alive, during the rebellion against the national government of Joseph Kasavubu and the General Joseph-Desire Mobutu. He was once used as one of the human shields in the Jean Schramme’s mercenary adventure in 1967 in Yumbi, Punia, Kasese, Utu, and Walikale.

During his career as Public Relations as Chief of Service than Sub-Director at the water drinking company ,REGIDESO, in Kinshasa, then Zaire(1980-1994),he was one of the right hands of the chairman of the company and approached many African head of states, particularly the ministers and dignitaries of the former president Mobutu Sese Seko.

He was then sent to study intensively Japanese language through the Japan International Corporation Agency(JICA) bursary in Okinawa, where he has a special encounter with God, thanks to his relationship with an American army officer at the American military base, Mr. Jim Knickerbocker who attended the Okinawa Baptist Church.

By visiting the city of Hiroshima, especially the Hiroshima Museum, Kitutu understood his high calling to Peace. Coming back to DRC, he was not anymore the same person. He gave his priority to God. He resigned from his company in January 1994, then visiting his family who was seeking refuge in South Africa due to multiple threats he faced, during the democratic change process in Zaire (Mobutu-Tshisekedi).

Rev Thomas- Rene started attending Christian Family Church International, Johannesburg from 1996, became a full member in December 1997 and then Voluntary Pastor in 2001, under the leadership of Drs Theo & Beverly Wolmarans.

As Area Pastor, he was in charge of different areas as Rosettenville, Regent Park, Larochelle, Turfontein (2001-2004)…Alexandra, Kew, Lombardy..(2005-2007). Most of the times, he was under the mentorship of Pastor Radek Chlup.

The vision and passion of Christians for Peace in Africa was then born in 2001, following the prophecy of prophet James Repsold, and the ministry became one of the active ministries of the Passion Driven Ministries, launched by Dr. Beverly Wolmarans, run under the leadership of Pastor Peter Cox and managed by Pastor Jackie Sidwell.

Rev.Thomas Rene was ordained with his wife, Rev Margo Kitutu, on the 18th of February 2007 by Dr. Theo Wolmarans and officially released to pursue Christians for Peace in Africa as their own independent ministry. Christians for Peace in Africa is at the same time an evangelical Passion Driven Ministry, promoting the public education of the culture of Peace in Africa and Reconciliation, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only Prince of Peace.

After his secondary school as young future catholic priest at College du Saint-Esprit of the Marist Brothers in Kindu, Rev Thomas-Rene has studied successively one year at the Catholic Great Seminary of Murhesa (Bukavu), in Kivu (1972-1973); stopped due to asthma multiple crises, he went to study one year at the medical faculty of the University of Zaire (UNAZA) Campus of Kinshasa in 1973-1974. He holds an MA in Communications (Journalism and Public Relations) of the University of Zaire (UNAZA)/Institut des Sciences et Techniques de l” Information (Institute of Sciences and Techniques of Information) (ISTI)(1974-1979).

He also studied for an MA in Forced Migration Studies Programme at Witwatersrand University (2008), in Johannesburg, in South Africa. He holds a Diploma in Advanced Ministry of Christian Family Church’s Bible School.

He also holds a Certificate of Intensive Japanese Language of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), of Okinawa International Centre, in Japan,( 1988-1989) and a Certificate in Policy, Good Governance Peace, and Leadership of the Africa University of Mutare, in Zimbabwe(2009). He is a member of many national and international organizations and associations.

He has attended many national, continental and international workshops, seminars, conferences, summits as the launched of the African Union in Durban (2002), in South Africa. He is married to Rev Margo Kitutu, for more than 30 years (1979- ); he is a father and a grandfather.

He was the Chairperson of the Johannesburg Migration Advisory Panel (JMAP) of the City of Johannesburg (2009-2014) and was Chairperson and President of many School Governing Bodies in South Africa (1995-2009).

He is also a businessman, in believing in working with his hands as apostle Paul. He founded Salki Group & Sons CC, a consultant group of companies in different fields.

He founded the weekly newspaper AFRICA NEWS-PRESS, in DRC, and JAPAN AFRICA NEW PARTNERSHIP TODAY a monthly magazine online, in South After, after the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) V, which he attended in Yokohama. He also represents the monthly Congolese magazine La Reference Magazine SADC since 2009 as Managing Director in SADC countries.

Mr. Cedric-Rene Alimeti Kitutu, DRC

Public Relations & Networking Officer

After matriculating from King Edward VII School, Houghton, in Johannesburg, in 2002, Cedric-Rene Alimeti Kitutu immediately joined the workforce in the fashion industry.

He had been in high end/luxury goods retail for ten years at HILTON WEINER SANDTON, LEVISONS SANDTON and at ARMANI JEANS SANDTON for six years of being in a management position, which allowed him to visit the headquarters of ARMANI in Italy.

During these times, he received an outstanding exposure which helped him to gain invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience in Sales skills, Customer Service, and Client Relationship Management. While working, he enrolled for a B.Com in Marketing Management at the University of South Africa (UNISA). He also completed a Short Learning Programme (SLP) on Computer Architecture from Varsity College Sandton.

He is presently the Sales Executive at Biz-Guru. He speaks and read correctly French and Swahili, and he is very fluent in English as a first language, having grown up in South Africa where he came when he was six years from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his country of origin. Rugby player at King Edward VII School, Cedric-Rene, as the son of Rev.Dr Thomas-Rene and Rev Margo Kitutu, is very supportive to Christians for Peace in Africa since the inception of this Passion Driven Ministry through his financial support and logistics.

Mr. Charles Kingulube, DRC

Deputy Chief Finances Officer

Mr. Charles Kingulube is a trained Accountant by profession and has huge experiences in managing finances in the Nonprofit Organizations from his beloved country the Republic Democratic of the Congo.

He has contributed a lot to managing and stabilizing the finances of Refugee Children Project, since the inception of the organization in 2005. A very committed Christian, Charles is one the cornerstones in assisting Christians for Peace in Africa to raise funds and in allowing the organization to have its secure and sustainable finances.

Married to Aline Kingulube, he is the father to his beloved sons’ Joy and Jonathan Kingulube.

Mr. Alex Muanza Kiungu, DRC

Chief Finances Officer

Mr. Alex Muanza Kiungu is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he was born in Tshofa on the 19 October 1945. He has an outstanding experience in the finances sector, where he worked for more than 30 years respectively as Account Director, Budget and Engagements Director, Director: Head of Division of Operational Financial Auditing & Accountant at the national water drinking company Regie de Distribution d’Eau-REGIDESO- in Kinshasa, capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo then Republic of Zaire(1974-2005).

Holding B.Com Degree in Economics Sciences (1972) and Honors in Industrial & Commercial Sciences of the University of Lovanium(1974), Mr. Muanza has received various trainings in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Canada, Washington(World Bank), Cote d’Ivoire, Benin in his field.

He has traveled many times with the Chairman of the Company to the different financial institutions worldwide as at the World Bank, at African Development Bank, and many more to perform his financial skills. After retiring from REGIDESO, Mr. Muanza was an Independent Consultant at KPMG (2005-2007). He worked at CONADER, one of the development agencies of the World Bank in Kinshasa, AS Finances Director.

Despite his retirement and residing permanently in South Africa, Mr. Alexis Muanza Kiungu was, due to his experiences, recalled to manage the finances of the national railways’ company, Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer (SNCC) in Lubumbashi, in the DRC, through VECTURIS, AS Director of Accountancy and Fiscal matters. He is married to Alphonsine Ndaya Kabala, a father, and grandfather of many children and grandchildren.

Mrs. Patience Nkongolo, DRC
Deputy Secretary-General

Mrs. Patience Nkongolo is born Congolese and lives in South Africa more than 20 years. Married to Alain Nkongolo, they have 2 handsome young boys Samuel and Beni Nkongolo, the PRIDE of their parents.

Presently Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Women Boardroom, Patience is very motivated and committed to seeing African women become what they should become in the 21st century.

Women Boardroom has a membership of more than 5,000 members in Africa and worldwide and running a magazine online which will be very soon available in hard copy publication called PRIMA EVA. Passi, as fondly called, has studied from high school to tertiary, in South Africa at Africa College, at Boston Business College and finally at the Vaal University of Technology.

She has a very outstanding track record as Executive Secretary. Member of the South African Secretaries and PA Association (SASPA) she owned different Awards in the field as the Top Secretariat Student Trophy 2006. She is also a Member of the Personal Development Outreach at Christian Family Church.

Patience Nkongolo and her husband Alain, as spiritual children to Rev Thomas-Rene and Margo Kitutu, have always been very supportive to Christians for Peace in Africa since its inception in 2001.

Pastor Janet Rogers Wanjiru Ntumba, KENYA

Secretary-General, Founding Member

Rev Janet Rogers is the Secretary-General of Christians for Peace in Africa since 2005 and one of the Founding Members of the organization. She is an ordained Minister of the Gospel with Master’s Degree in Leadership.

Pastor Janet has been involved in Charity work through an NGO-Kenya Mission Agency of which she is the Chairperson since 2003. She is a motivational speaker has been a participant in many intellectual Debates on diverse Public Issues.

She has a special interest in Family Development and Women Empowerment. Rev Janet has been an outstanding asset to Christians for Peace in Africa since 2005 by promoting the Ministry through television, radio and different media. She has always been the principal master of ceremonies at the different Christians for Peace in Africa’s events, especially the International Conference on Peace in Africa, our big annual gathering.

Mrs. Zintle Peter, RSA

Chief Operations Officer (COO), RSA

Mrs. Zintle Peter, born Ntombentle Cordelia worked as Consultant and Project Manager for the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) in South Africa from 2011 to 2013 on a government project called Communities of Peace and Diversity funded by the European Commission, with focus on migration management and advocacy for peace and social integration. She is known by some as an Ambassador for Peace and Social Cohesion.

She lectured part-time at Wits Business School on the Certificate Program in Management Development specializing on Stakeholder Relations, Good Governance, Policy Development and Municipality Support.

She is a former Executive Mayor of Buffalo City Municipality in the province of the Eastern Cape, a position that she assumed in March 2006 after the 2005 local government elections.B orn in 1966, Zintle-as she is popularly known even in official circles- emerged from humble but proud beginnings to pursue a personal quest for tertiary and occupational empowerment. Described by some of her former tutors as a relentless scholar, Zintle kick-started her higher learning career with a Diploma in Radiography and promptly proceeded to attain a B.Tech Degree in the profession from the Durban University of Technology in 1997.

In 2003 she completed a Certificate course in Councilor Development on Policy Formulation from the Border Technikon now part of the Walter Sisulu University and later in Executive Leadership Development Programme of the University of Fort Hare.

She also qualified for the Certificate Program for Municipal Finance at Wits Business School. Zintle participated in an International Visitor Leadership Programme in Good Governance in 2009 at the United States, sponsored by the US Department of State and she holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with the Fort Hare University, in Eastern Cape.

She was elected into Buffalo City Council in 2000 and six years later was elevated to her former position as Executive Mayor. As a development activist, she contributed immensely to community development and the development of the economy of the city as well as the region.

Her rolling and active involvement in partisan structures saw her being elected to various strategic positions. Zintle’s acute management and leadership skills were soon noticed by her executive counterparts in Local Government and in 2007 when she was elected Chairperson of the South African Cities Network. Her primary interest is to advocate for Peace and Social Cohesion in South Africa, Africa, and the world; to promote good and ethical governance and to improve service delivery through the development of proper policies. She is known by her close associates as an uncompromising protagonist of good governance, a diplomat and relentless champion of gender equity, peacebuilding, the poor, women and youth development, as well as care for the aged and the sickly.

Mrs. Jackie Stevenson, RSA

Deputy- President, Founding Member

Mrs. Jacquie Stevenson, a South African born Dutch citizen, got a strong love for African children which gave her the nickname of MAMA AFRICA. She was the founder and first principal of the Yeoville Community School in 1993.

The school has a legacy of being among the South African schools which welcomed the first South African children coming back from the long exile or born in exile in Tanzania. Having the heart of a mother, Mrs. Jackie has been also the first South African principals in welcoming the first asylum seeker and refugee children in their schools.

After running Yeoville Community School for more than 10 years, Mrs. Stevenson was approached by Mais Africa, an international Italian humanitarian organization, to become their African Director.

Mrs. Stevenson, as one of the outstanding and very committed Founding Members of Christians for Peace in Africa, has been materially and financially supportive to our organization since its inception. Mrs. Stevenson is married to Kit Stevenson and has one son Christopher Stevenson.

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