Mr. Ndlovu Nkanyezi, ZIMBABWE

Executive Advisor: Public Education of the Culture of Peace & Reconciliation

Nkanyezi Ndlovu, a young and dynamic leader originally comes from Zimbabwe; he holds a diploma in Peace and Conflict from the Institute of Peace, Leadership, and Civil Society Studies, an affiliate of Solusi University as well as the Africa University in Zimbabwe.

He majored on peacebuilding with much emphasis on the role of government in Peacebuilding processes. He was once an intern at Bulawayo Project Centre in conjunction with Junior Achievement Zimbabwe, organizations that focus on youth development.

He has attended many leadership workshops organized by Churches in Bulawayo (CIB) in conjunction with Dennis Halle Peace Institute in Zimbabwe.

He is a growing peacemaker who is committed to advocating for policies that promote good governance as well as policies that do not compromise the significance of young people. He strongly believes that young people are a pillar of social significance.

Also, he is passionate about ministry work especially Evangelism, he is a full-time member of Whitefields Ministries International under Pastor Lawrence Ncube, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. As a member of Whitefields Ministries, he was the chairman of the youth department until his coming to South Africa in 2013. As an orphan of both parents, Ndlovu became an adoptive son of Rev. Dr Th.omas-Rene Kitutu. Mr. Ndlovu is at the same time the Personal Executive Assistant of the President & Chief Executive Officer of Christians for Peace in Africa, a very honest, polite and hard working young African.

Pastor Nono Muanza Manono, DRC

Executive Advisor: African Youth Empowerment

Pastor Nono Muanza is the Senior Pastor and Founder of The International Ministry Genesis, in Johannesburg, in South Africa.

Very passionate with the empowerment of youth African, he was committed to youth since he was young in his beloved country the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Kinshasa as well as in Lubumbashi, where he went to study his secondary education before he came back to Kinshasa where his parents resided.

Moving to South Africa in 1994, Pastor Nono fellowshipped at Berea Christian Tabernacle Church, where he was ordained as pastor and seconded the Senior Pastor Gavin Preller before he was released to start The International Ministry Genesis at Athole, close to Sandton City.

After studying at Rhema Bible School, Pastor Nono Muanza went to study at the University of Johannesburg then Rand Afrikaans University (RAU). A very good preacher of the Word of God and Youth Motivational Speaker, Pastor Nono has been very instrumental to the success of the 2013 Maputo International Conference on Peace in Africa, in Mozambique.

He is married to Denise Yuwa Muanza and has 5 children.

Mr. Bambi Mulumba, RSA

Executive Advisor: Information Computer Technologies & Skills Transfer, RSA

Mr. Bambi Mulumba is a Computer Engineer who has a great passion to transfer skills to the African communities, especially to the youth in the field of Information & Computer Technologies.

He holds a Diploma in Marketing Management and a Certificate in Store Keeping and Stock Control from Damelin and a Diploma in Microsoft in System Engineering from the Durban University of Technology.

Born in the Democratic of the Congo, DRC and becoming a South African citizen, he started as self-employed in Durban, before he works as Computer Engineer in different South African companies at IBM JET PARK, and he works presently at XN CORPORATION AFRICA as Senior Support Engineer, in Johannesburg, in South Africa.

He is married to Noushka Nyota Mulumba and father of 2 beautiful daughters Irina Mushiyat Mulumba and Sabrina Kapinga Mulumba. Noushka is the only one biological daughter of Rev. Dr. Thomas-Rene & Margo Kitutu among boys.

He has always been very supportive in equipping and maintaining the Christians for Peace in Africa‘s equipment in Information Computer Technologies.

Pastor John Osa, NIGERIA

Executive Advisor: Intercession Prayer for Peace in Africa & Warfare Prayer Strategies

Pastor John OSA is the Executive Director of Rebirth of Africa House. His mandate through this organization is to create a platform for prophecy to influence policy in Africa so we can achieve the African Century evidenced across the 7 gates of society.

He is also the principal pastor at Kingdom Heirs Assembly. Through this assignment, he works to reveal Jesus Christ, the Love of the Father, in all His Characteristics and roles to all people from different spheres of society, with the aim of facilitating their transformation into the measure of the fullness of the stature of the sons of God.

He is a deliverance minister who has ministered in different nations on the continent of Africa. He operates as in intercessor and teaches effective warfare prayer strategies.

A visionary and strategist, John OSA is an entrepreneur, musician and prolific writer whose articles are in high demand across the world. Though he operates in the prophetic and apostolic, John OSA wishes is to be known as more than a soldier, servant, and a man of Faith, but also a man of deep love for God and His people.

One who remains grateful for a humbled by the gift of salvation.H e is married to Pastor Pearl OSA and has 6 children. He resides in Johannesburg, in South Africa.

Pastor Miriam Mashego, RSA

Executive Advisor: African Entrepreneurship & Small Business Initiatives

Rev Mirriam Mashego hold a B .comHons in Marketing Management with the University of Johannesburg, a (Bcom) Bachelor of Commerce with specialization in Marketing Management with UNISA, she also has a degree in Theology from Therapon University in the US.

As Registered Constituent Assessor with Service SETA, Pastor Mirriam holds also several Diplomas i.e. Train the Trainer with Damelin, Personal Management with IPM, Skills Development Facilitator with Assessment College, and also Assessor and Moderator with the same College.

As professional experiences, she includes being the programmes manager at University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus at the Centre for Small Business Development from August 2011 until now. Her duties included Strategic market planning, Team building, and management, Recruitment of participants as well as Facilitation and Training.

Director at Mashego Skills Development, in Germiston from November 2009 to July 2011, her duties included the definition of marketing strategies and plan to penetrate and grow the targeted markets, business spokesperson among clients and various stakeholders, carrying out of market research and analysis as well as facilitation of training development initiatives.

Franchise Director at PRIMI PIATTI, in Bedfordview, in Johannesburg from May 2005 to March 2008, her duties included overall management of Restaurant operation as well as the human resource management and also the designing of the marketing plan for the Restaurant.

More also she was the Franchise Director at Pick n Pay Family Store Lesedi, Lesedi Shopping Centre, Vosloorus (APRIL 2008-NOV 2009) where she oversees the development and management of marketing tools including promotional packages.

Rev Mirriam A. Mashego is a preacher, teacher of the word of God and a gifted orator. She is a motivational speaker and businesswoman. She is a community builder and a mentor to young people and peers with the church community. She is a member of a consortium in East Rand and holds the position of strategic manager. Pastor Miriam is the author of two outstanding and books “God’s Unfailing Love” and “Plead Your Case”. Mirrian is a mother to two lovely and beautiful daughters Karabo and Sibongile.

Mrs. Martha Matumelo Mente, RSA

Executive Advisor: African Children Education and Protection, RSA

Mrs. Marta Matumelo Mente is an outstanding and committed supporter of the Vision and Mission of Christians for Peace in Africa since its inception in 2001, together with Mrs. Jacquie Stevenson, working at Yeoville Community School as Head Master.

Trained as an educator at Wits University, Mrs. Marta has started working at Yeoville Community School since 1993 at the launch of the school. Becoming the Deputy Principal, and now Principal of the Yeoville Community School, 5 years after Mrs. Jacquie Stevenson, Mrs. Marta Mente has a heart for the education and protection of the African children without distinction.

Mother of 3 boys, Mrs. Mente never hesitates to support Christians for Peace in Africa since she runs the Yeoville Community School. Christians for Peace in Africa has honored her twice with first of all with the Award of Peace in 2007 and secondly with the Dr. Michael Cassidy Peace Award in 2011, during the celebration of the 10 Years of Impacting Africa with the Culture of Peace and Reconciliation.

Dr. Agnes A.V.Ikatekit Okonera, UGANDA

Executive Advisor: Food Production and Poverty Alleviation

Dr. Agnes was born in Mitala, Maria, in Mawokota, in Uganda. She attended primary school at Madera Girls Soroti. And she went to Senior Secondary School at Tororo Girls, HSC at Namagunga St Mary’s.

She studied a BVetMed degree at MAKERERE University in Kampala and at Master of Science from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. Dr. Agnes Sekeitto arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1989 previously working as a Commonwealth Secretariat Expert in Botswana, 1984-1988.

She was married to the late Dr. Paul Sekeitto and has three children Clare, Allan Roy and Melvyn and 2 grandchildren. She has 20 years of experience in the export and import of industry in South Africa and has worked 36 years in total in the Department of Agriculture and Animal Industry in Uganda, Botswana and South Africa.

Her work has included staff management, financial management, logistics, and communications.

Dr. Agnes has a strong sense of community leadership and currently, she sits on several community-related boards. Her intimate knowledge of import and export operations, cost and inventory control, financial management and public health & food safety coupled with her extensive project management experience and interpersonal skills are an asset to the organization.

Dr. Valentine Engoudou Douala- Mouteng, CAMEROON

Executive Advisor: Health & Environment

She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Pan African Business Coalition on HIV and Health(PABC). She is a medical doctor, she read her medical studies in Cameroon and went on to specialize in Pediatrics and Pediatric intensive care at the Catholic University of Louvain, in Belgium.

She has a certificate in Planning and Management of Reproductive Health (HR) programmes, a certificate in Reproductive Health Epidemiological Research Methodology, Leadership and in Political Economy.

She had worked as a pediatrician, before joining the United Nations Population Funds Cameroon office. One of her major achievement in this position was the launching of the female condom in her country in partnership with the ministry of health.

Then she joined the International Labor Organization (ILO) office in Cameroon as the National Programme Coordinator of the HIV/AIDS education programme in the workplace.

A major achievement during this role was the adoption of a National Policy Declaration on HIV and AIDS in the workplace in 2008. As an international Consultant for ILO, she gave technical support to Benin for its proposal submitted to the Global Fund 9th round.

She also developed the training tools to implement HIV and AIDS policies and programmes in the workplace in Mauritius. She has published articles in the field of Pediatrics, HIV/AIDS, and TB. She also contributed to the Cameroon Demographic and Health Survey in 2004 as a Resource plan.

Mrs. Madelein Mkunu, RSA

Executive Advisor: African Leadership & Development

Mrs. Madelein Mkunu, is a Thought, a Leader, a Gender activist, an Entrepreneur, a Writer, a Trainer, a Facilitator, a magazine Editor, a Public Speaker, a Motivator, an Innovator and the CEO and Founder of Leading Women of Africa(LWA).

In the recent years, Madelein Mukunu has gained experience in Policy Recommendations on Leadership, Good Governance, and Women Economic Empowerment. She has recently completed the Professional Fellows Programme with the U.S Department of State at the Michigan State University on Women economic empowerment, Strengthening Leadership Capacity and Professional Skills.

She has seated on the Strategic Framework Committee on gender and women’s economic empowerment at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in South Africa and was part of the finalization of the Gender and Economic Empowerment Framework.

Madelein recently presented policy recommendation on gender and China-Africa Cooperation at China-Africa Think Tanks Forum II, under the topic “China-Africa cooperation without meaningful engagement with women will fail”. She has also presented recommendations at Regional Researchers Consultative Workshop on Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) Mid-Term Review workshop organized by the Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC). Madelein has also contributed with recommendations for SADC-Gender, at the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development Stakeholder workshop.

She was invited by China-Africa Business Council (Hong Kong to conduct an open conversation on the theme: ‘Creating Win-Win Partnership: Dialogue between Women Professional & Entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia”. She has designed” Influential Leadership Programme (ILP), A Leadership Training programme focusing on raising visionary Leaders in Corporate and Public Sector on the continent.

She also designed many programmes including the Women in Infrastructure Development in Africa (WIDA), a programme that seeks to ensure that women emerge as successful leaders industries and sectors in which African women were underrepresented.

She was mentored, since the inception of leading Women of Africa, by one of the fathers-founders of the former African Union, Dr. David Kenneth Kaunda, the first president of the Republic of Zambia. Madelein and her husband are the spiritual children of Rev. Dr. Thomas-Rene & Margo Kitutu.

They have 2 handsome sons Merari- Isaac and El-Shaddai Mkunu and live in Cape Town, South Africa. They are always been very supportive of the success of Christians for Peace in Africa.

Rev.Dr Athas Cibangu Mpinga, PhD, DRC

Executive Advisor: African Mission & Evangelism

Rev Athas Cibangu Mpinga is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the Family Mission Restoration Church, in Pretoria, in South Africa.

Rev Athas has a great passion and commitment to Mission and Evangelism since his young age. He was the University Chaplain leading the young student ministry at the Institut Superieur de Commerce, in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, and his country of origin.

Since in South Africa, Rev Athas Mpinga is involved and committed in many different Christian organizations. He is one of the Founding Members of the Union des Ministres de Dieu Chretiens Francophone en Afrique du Sud- Union of the Christian Ministers of God Francophone in South Africa, and its Secretary-General.

Besides his church leadership and other activities, Rev Athas Cibangu Mpinga is a Candidate Doctorate in Missiology at the University of South Africa (UNISA). He is also one of the very committed Executive Advisors of Christians for Peace in Africa and has been very productive at our 2011 Johannesburg International Conference on Peace in Africa where he was one of the remarkable guest speakers.

He was also the senior pastor at the University Church, Academic Dean at Cornerstone Bible School in Pretoria and presently a lecturer at Mission Exposure and Training (MET) French Sessions, in Pretoria. He holds a Bachelor of Theology (1983-1986), Honors of Theology (1987-1989) from the Protestant University in Congo (DRC) and a Master of Theology (Missiology) in 2007 from UNISA.

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